Bandasonora, is not just some simple rehearsing Building, it is a lot more, this is the reason why we want to give you the best of the services, in order to cover all the musicians needs

Drinks and snacks are available at any hour, replacement of your strings, spines and also those batteries which are difficult to find will always be available too.

  • Accessories (strings, spines, etc…)
  • Receiving material
  • Instrument keeper
  • Repair workshop

Moreover, we can receive the material you have asked for in your provider. We are going to deal with your package until you can pick it up in reception.

If you have too much stuff in your local, take advantage of our instrument keeper services for free, only for those in the locals per months and per hours.

We can also repair any instrument in our workshop and give you the chance to rent an instrument if you need it.

Naturally, Bandasonora is a building with free Wi-Fi access.

Finally, whenever you want to chill out, you mustn’t forget about our leisure areas

  • Leisure areas
  • Free WI-FI in all locals